“Lets talk about ambience, to me, the first stone for the foundation of a good piece of music”

This is true for Emil Landman (1989 Amsterdam) who graduated last year from the Herman Brood Academy based in Utrecht. As a solo artist, Emil is humble, but those who have heard him play now know, that it’s only a matter of time before he will join the bigger names. The lyrics are pure, personal, yet universal and the melodies are incredibly catchy without being “pop”. A fragile, warm voice with a touch of languor through which the truth of his core resounds. The guitar playing, contemporary and inventive. With his music Emil Landman takes you to a place where you sit at your tiny kitchen table, staring out the old window and you realize that everything is fine, just like it is.

The first songs are recorded and Emil contacts the New York based artist Larry D Brown (Grey Reverend). Together they decide to work on Emil’s existing material, this merged with later written work form his debut EP “A Bargain Between Beggars”. (Release February 2013)

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